Adelaide Restoration Centre's diverse range of tiles has been selected to enable clients and our colour and design consultants, to co-ordinate complete fitouts for a range of period decors.

These tiles add genuine beauty to the home, not only in bathrooms and kitchens, but also in hallways, verandahs, conservatories and porches.

               ... the possibilities are endless ...


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Eco Tile Factory is situated within Adelaide Restoration Centre and specialises in heritage tiles, decorative and cement encaustic tiles, mosaics, unique contemporary tiles and beautiful stones. 





Original Style is one of the UK's leading ceramic tile manufacturers who continue a tradition of producing the finest quality floor and wall tiles, glass tiles, mosaicsand natural stone.  Made by craftsmen, these tiles represent the art of English tile making at it's very best.  Hand decorated and using up to twenty colours in a single tile.  They are richly coloured, deeply translucent and exquisitely beautiful. Adelaide Restoration Centre is the only agent for Original Style Tiles in South Australia.  Come in and see some of the ranges and styles available on display.

Original Style



Designer Ceramics product range is vast both in traditional 152mm format and the more contemporary 198mm format. They specialise in the design and manufacture of embossed tiles and cappings to suit all periods of renovation.



Designer Ceramics



           Porteous Tiles




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